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Datasets Currently Available

Births (1990-2019) - All births to SC residents from birth certificate data.

Cancer Incidence (1996-2018) and Cancer Mortality (1996-2019) - Cancer incidence and mortality for SC residents from South Carolina Central Cancer Registry (SCCCR) data.

Community Profile (1999-2019) - Profile the indicators of the public health interests across South Carolina on counties and DHEC regions level. Healthy People 2010 objectives and Leading Health Indicators are incorporated in the module for guidelines. Vital Statistics indicators are available for all years. BRFSS indicators are only available up to 2010.

Deaths (1990-1998) - All deaths of SC residents from death certificate data.

Deaths (1999-2019) - All deaths of SC residents from death certificate data.

Fetal Deaths (1989-2019) - Fetal death information for SC residents from fetal death data.

Infant Mortality (1989-2019) - Infant mortality for SC residents from birth and death certificate data.

Population (1990-2019) - Demographic information for SC residents from census data.

Pregnancy (1990-2019) - Live birth, abortion, and fetal death information for SC residents from birth certificate,fetal death report, and abortion report data.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Data (1993-2015) - Survey results of the SC PRAMS program.

Confidentiality Disclaimer: The collection and reporting to DHEC of information contained on the South Carolina Certificates of Birth, Death, and other Vital Events along with Cancer Incidence Reports are exempt from HIPAA regulations (see 45 CFR §§ 160.203 (c), 164.512 (b)(1)). However, state law provides protection against the unauthorized release of confidential information from these documents.

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