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SCAN Population Tables

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For 2021 - present population data please contact the US Census Bureau.

Follow these steps to create a table from South Carolina Resident Population data.

Step One

Select row variable (default: Year).

Step Two

Select column variable (default: Race).  

Step Three

Select year(s) of interest (default: 2020). At least 1 year has to be selected

Step Four
Specify Race, Ethnicity, Sex and/or Age below: (default: All Races, All Ethnicities, Both Sexes, All Ages)
Race Ethnicity Sex Age
Step Five

Select Region (default: County). In order to view multiple regions separately, "Region" must be the row or column variable.

To select multiple non-sequential regions, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click on desired regions.

Step Six

Choose output preference (default: Frequencies).

Step Seven
Choose Output Presentation format (default: Table).

* Available for consecutive years, when Year is chosen as Column Variable.

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