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Follow these steps to create a table, trendline, bar chart from South Carolina Resident data.

  Step One
Select row variable (default: year).
  Step Two
Select column variable (default:Race).
  Step Three
Select year(s) of interest (default: 2021).

  Step Four (Optional)
Specify Maternal Race, Gestational Age and/or Weight (default: all races, all ages, all weights)
("All" includes unknown level)

Maternal Race Gestational Age Weight

  Step Five
Select Region (default: County).
  Step Six
Select Region of interest.

In order to view multiple regions separately, "Region" must be the column/row variable.

* To add or remove region, select region of interest and click on the add/remove button, or double click on selected item


                                     Add Item                Remove Item

Selected Region
  Step Seven
Choose output preference (default: One Year Frequency and Rate).


  Step Eight
Choose output presentation format (default: Table).

      *       Available for consecutive years when year is chosen as a Column Variable

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