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FAQ's about Infant Mortality Data

What is the best way to print the pages? There are numerous ways that users can print the desired pages. For the supporting pages the easiest way is to hold the left click button down on the mouse and scroll over, highlighting, the material that the user wants to print. Then right click on the mouse and choose print. Once the print options page comes up, users should select the selection option in the print range box as to print exactly what was selected. Tables, trendlines, and bar charts have their own printer freindly buttons that can help in printing those pages. If users are using netscape they can use the fit to page which allows users to fit the data to the pages specified. Users could also adjust the layout of the pages printed from portrait to landscape in order to capture the whole document or image.

Why can't I generate a trend line for all years when I select a cause of death? This is due to the change in the causes of death (International Causes of Death (ICD)) between the years 1998 and 1999. These changes made the causes of death not directly comparable between the two sets of years. Bar charts and tables however, can be generated for all years. This allows users to see the data but not make the assumption that any large jumps in the frequency or rate for a specific cause is directly related to that cause of disease for more information please see definitions page.

Why doesn't the mapping page map rates less than one?
The maps generated take the rate and rounds it up or down according to the rate. Rates above .50 are coded into the 1-4 group and rates less than .50 are coded as a zero. To get the real rates please generate the frequency and rate in the "create a table" page selecting all counties and other characteristics as desired.

If the legend on the map has label 1-4 and 4-8 and the frequency or rate is 4.0, which level will this frequency or rate fall into? Frequency or rates equaling the dividing point in the legend fall into the larger of the categories. A frequency or rate of 4.0 will fall into the 4-8 category.

Why do I get a N/A sometimes for the rate?
This is due to missing denominators in the rate calculation. This will always occur for the unknown category, marital status, and ethnicity when live birth is the indicator chosen.
Other times this will occur when there were no denominator (live births) for the selection chosen, the frequency of the characteristic chosen will always be zero in this case and the rate can be seen as zero.

Why do I get N/A sometimes for the 95% confidence intervals?
Users will see an N/A for the 95% confidence intervals when the rate is either N/A or equals zero.

Who do I contact for more analysis?
Please visit Division of Biostatistics webpage for contact information.

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