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Why can't I generate a map of the PRAMS data?
Maps are not avialable due to the way that the data is collected and the confidentiality of PRAMS data. This data is only a sample of live births in South Carolina and are intended to give an indication of risk factors on a statewide level not for individual counties or zip codes.

Why do some of the frequencies or percents jump around so much between years when they have relatively large numbers?
The large jumps in frequencies and percents in some categories between years is due to the over sampling and weighting methods that the data goes through. For more information about the sampling and weighting techniques please see the About PRAMS page.

How was I (the woman) selected to receive the PRAMS survey?
South Carolina residents that have delivered a live birth can be selected to receive the survey.

Do the women have to fill it out?
No, participation is voluntary.

Will anyone know how the woman answers her questions?
All survey information is confidential and will only remain in the offices of the PRAMS staff. The data is grouped together with information from other women's survey answers and no one's answers can be identified in that way. We are required by law to report instances of child abuse based on the answers of some of the questions.

What do you do with the questionnaire answers?
All of the data is grouped together every year. The data are weighted in order to make the information generalizable to the state of SC. The PRAMS staff creates special reports and databooks every year to present that year's findings. Agencies across the state also use our data for maternal and child health issues. Legislation can use our data to implement policy.

How is this project funded?
We apply for federal grant money, from the CDC, every year to carry out this surveillance project. The Office of Public Health Statistics and Information Services within the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control also help support this endeavor.

Is PRAMS data available to outside researchers?
Yes. Researchers interested in analyzing multi-state PRAMS data may send an inquiry to Requests to analyze individual state data should be directed to the respective state PRAMS coordinator.

Where are the Prams offices and how can I contact you?
PRAMS is housed in the Division of Biostatistics and Health GIS, Office of Public Health Statistics and Information Services at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. You may reach the PRAMS office by calling our toll-free number, 1-800-286-6968.

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