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SCAN Birth Maps

Interactive Mapping Component
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Follow these steps to create a map from South Carolina Resident Birth data.

Step One

Select Year(s) of interest (default: 2022). *At least 1 year has to be selected


Step Two

Specify Race, Ethnicity, Age and/or Marital Status below: (default: All Races, All Ethnicities, All Ages, All Marital Status, All Birthweights, All Gestational Ages)

Maternal Race Maternal Ethnicity Maternal Age

Marital Status Birth Weight Gestational Age
Step Three

Select Zipcode or County (default: County).

Step Four

Select a Birth Characteristic (default: All Births).
Sort by Group Name or Alphabetically (default: By Group Name)

Note: Only one birth characteristic can be selected at a time.

See Definitions for abbreviations of birth characteristics.

Step Five

Choose Output Preference (default: Frequencies).

*In order to view rates, "Counties" must be specified in Step 3 and a "birth characteristic" must be specified in Step 4.

Step Six

Specify Count Intervals (default: Quartiles).

Step Seven

Select Color Shade of Map (default: Gray).


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