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How do I generate and save multiple graphs?
First select variables that are desired in the "Create a Table" page including the desired output selection. Second the user can either highlight the bar chart or trendline by a left click on the mouse and scrolling over the image, or the user can right click and select the "save image as" option. The user will then be able to save the image to the desired location. This step can be repeated as many times as needed until all desired graphs have been selected and saved.

Where can I find information on abortion and fetal death by zip code?
Due to confidentiality rules fetal deaths cannot be seen by zip code. Please visit Division of Biostatistics for the contact information.

Why doesn't the mapping page map rates less than one?
The maps generated take the rate and rounds it up or down according to the rate. Rates above .50 are coded into the 1-4 group and rates less than .50 are coded as a zero. To get the real rates please generate the frequency and rate in the "create a table" page selecting all counties and other characteristics as desired.

Why do I get a N/A sometimes for the rate?
This is due to missing denominators in the rate calculation. This will always occur for the unknown category, marital status, and ethnicity when live birth is the indicator chosen.
Other times this will occur when there were no denominator (live births) for the selection chosen, the frequency of the characteristic chosen will always be zero in this case and the rate can be seen as zero.

Why do I get N/A sometimes for the 95% confidence intervals?
Users will see an N/A for the 95% confidence intervals when the rate is either N/A or equals zero.

Why can't I generate a map that maps the rates for zip codes?
This is due to either the denominator missing, population statistics are not available by zip code level, or if live births is the denominator then the rates are unstable and are not appropriate.

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