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About Pregnancy Data Quality

The purpose of the Pregnancy module is to generate interactive statistics of birth, fetal death, abortion, and pregnancy data. The intended audience is researchers, public health officials, students, and the general public. The data originates from 3 different sources of data: birth certificates, fetal death reports, and abortion reports.

The output variable pregnancy is the sum of the three datasets. All three datasets are South Carolina residence data. Users can select year, race, marital status, education, maternal age, region and outcome as a row or column variable. These same selections can be further restricted using the drop down boxes. Zip code data is only available for births and pregnancies data due to confidentiality rules associated with fetal death and abortion data.

Users can generate on-the-fly maps and tables of the frequencies, rates, and percentages along with trendlines and bar charts of the selected data. Rates cannot be calculated at the zip code level due to the lack of census data. Birth rates and pregnancy rates are per 100,000 annual population, where as fetal death rates and abortion rates are per 1000 annual live births. When rates have been selected 95% Confidence intervals can also be generated in the tables.

The interpretation of tables and maps is the users responsibility. Thorough labels are provided however to make interpretation more intuitive. Many supporting pages are provided with definitions, examples of rate calculations, Division of Biostatistics and Health GIS contact information, and frequently asked questions to assist the user in interpreting this data. Rates with small numbers are unreliable and should be used cautiously.

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