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NOTICE: All pop-up blockers must be disabled for the mapping output to be displayed.

Follow these steps to create a table, trend-line and bar chart from South Carolina Resident data.

Step One
Select year(s) of interest (default: 1996-2019).

Step Two (Optional)
Specify Race, Age, Sex, Stage and/or Grade Below: (default: All Races, All Ages, All Sexes, All Grades, All Stages)
Race Age Sex
Stage Stage At Diagnosis Early vs. Late
*See Definitions Page
Step Three
Select Region of Analysis (default: County).
Step Four
Select Site of Cancer (default: All Malignant Cancers).

Maps are only available for one site of cancer per map.

* To add or remove Cancer Sites, select Cancer Sites of interest and click on the add/remove button, or double click on selected item.

Available Sites of Cancer

Selected Sites of Cancer
Step Five
Choose output preference (default: ).
Number Of New Cases
Step Six
Specify count intervals (default: Quartiles).

Step Seven
Select color shade of map (default: Gray).

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