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Interactive Mapping Component

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Follow these steps to create a map from South Carolina Death data.

Step One

Select year(s) of interest (default: 1998). *At least 1 year has to be selected  

Step Two
Specify Race, Ethnicity, Age and/or Marital Status below: (default: All Races, All Ethnicities, All Ages, All marital status)
Race Ethnicity Sex Age
Step Three

Select Zipcode or County (default: County).

Step Four

Select a Cause of Death (default: All Causes).

Note: Only one cause of death can be selected at a time.


Note: Cause of Death Categories are determined by various methods.
Some of the categories shown here differ from those published in the annual VMS Book.

View Breakdown of ICD 9 Codes for Death Categories, Subcategories, and Specific Categories

Step Five

Choose output preference (default: Frequencies).

Step Six

Specify count intervals (default: Quartiles).

Step Seven

Select color shade of map (default: Gray).


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