File a Food Safety Complaint about a S.C. Food Service

Do you believe food served by a S.C. restaurant or food establishment, or milk, frozen dairy foods, a soft drink or bottled water:

  • Caused you or a family member to become sick?
  • Was unsanitary, or prepared, handled, stored or produced in an unsafe way?
  • Is in some other way endangering public health and safety or violating food safety laws?

If so, you can file a consumer complaint with DHEC by answering the questions below. We also accept complaints by e-mail, phone, fax or regular mail. If you would like for us to contact you after we complete our investigation, make sure to provide your contact information.

File a food safety complaint involving a hospital, nursing home, treatment center or medical facility in South Carolina.

Online Complaint

To file a complaint about an out-of-state food businesses, please contact the public health department in that state.

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You are not required to provide contact information, but must do so if you want a response or update on the outcome of DHEC's investigation. Contact information is also useful in cases where we need to verify details. (You may also want to read DHEC's website privacy policy).

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