SC DHEC Air Permit Coverage

This web-based search tool offers the user the ability to identify and view current air quality operating permits issued by the Agency’s Bureau of Air Quality. Permit types available for viewing include:

  1. Registration Permits
  2. Construction Permits for Asphalt Permits (CP)
  3. General State Operating Permits (GSOP)
  4. General Conditional Major Permits (GCM)
  5. State Operating Permits (SOP)
  6. Conditional Major Permits
  7. Title V Permits

You may use any or all of the following filters to narrow your search:

  1. County
  2. Permit Type
  3. Company Name
  4. City

Searching by County and/or Permit Type:

When using the filters for county and/or permit type, two search options are available. If you make no selection, your search will include all options listed in the drop down menus. For the county option, the search will include all 46 counties in the state. For the permit type option, the search will include a total of 15 types of permits. To narrow your search, you may select one or more counties/permit types from the drop down menu. Typing the first few letter of the county/permit type will help find it quicker. The filters are not case sensitive.

Searching by Company Name:

You may also search by company name. Due to the large number of permitted companies, you’ll find it helpful to type in a small portion of the company’s name to see all matching names. As you type, a drop down list of matching names will load. You may search for multiple companies at one time by repeating this action.

The search results displayed include:

  1. Permit number and permit type
  2. Facility name, physical address, county, and air permit point of contact
  3. Issued Date, Effective Date, and Expiration Date for Permit
  4. Current air operating permit
  5. Permit specific attachments/letters issued with registration and general permit (Note: Other permit types have “not applicable” in the Attachment column).

Advanced Search Features (Beta Version)

You may use the following search options to refine your search results:

  1. Permit Number
  2. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code
  3. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code
  4. Address/Map locator

If you know the area you’d like to search, you can use the map to help you find a facility. Above the map, you can enter any address that you would like to center your search around and the latitude and longitude will be automatically estimated for you. If you already know your coordinates in decimal format, you may enter those. You can also click and drag the red arrow to the location you’d like to search on the map. This will automatically adjust the latitude and longitude to the center of the five (5) mile search radius. Any facility present in the search radius will be displayed. This function is still in beta testing and not all facilities may appear correctly.

For additional information on air quality permits, visit our website at

SC DHEC Air Permit Search

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