Which Permit(s) Do I Need?

Not sure which permit(s) or license(s) you’ll need for your new business, new equipment, or business expansion/renovation project?

Answer this series of simple yes/no questions* to learn:
  • Which permits you may need for your project or new business**
  • Phone numbers and email addresses you can use to contact DHEC staff directly
  • Links to more detailed information about individual permit requirements.

Looking for Information on Healthcare Licensing or Non-Business (Citizen) Permits?

  • Healthcare providers, our interactive questionnaire provides information on the permits you’ll need to construct or renovate your facility. But the questionnaire does not yet include information on other healthcare regulatory requirements. To get a complete picture of all the regulatory requirements you will need to meet, visit our Health Care Facilities CON and Licensing website.
  • If you are an individual (rather than a business) and you need a permit from DHEC (to build a dock, install a well, etc.), visit our webpage on Citizen (Non Business) Activities that May Require a DHEC Permit.

Note: We do not retain any personal or project information from the answers you give.
*Some of the questions will not apply to your situation.
**The information is provided as a courtesy to familiarize customers with general permitting requirements and is not legal advice. The statutes, rules and regulations always control.  The information is subject to change.  It is the responsibility of the customer to verify current permit requirements prior to beginning any project. Permits may also be required by other state, local or federal entities.