Champions of the Environment Grant Award Application

Champions of the Environment


  • Please refer to the Grant Application Help Sheet before completing the application.
  • Only completed applications will be accepted.
  • If you have any questions, please email the Champion's coordinator or call 803-898-4183.
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How did you hear about the Champions of the Environment program? (Please indicate Yes or No for each.)

Champions Billboard *
Champions Website *
Conference/Workshop *
Word of Mouth *
Mail Out *
Social Media *

Are you involved in any other environmental education programs such as Green Steps? *

If Yes, please explain: 

Which one of the following applies to you? (Please indicate Yes or No for each.)

I am a teacher of K-12 students in South Carolina. *
I am a student in grades K-12 in South Carolina. *
I educate K-12 students in South Carolina outside of a formal school setting. *

Project Information

Name of the project:  *

This is: *

Did you receive a Champions award last year?  *

If Yes, which award did you receive? 

Number of Students Directly Involved:  * Grade Level:  *  

Estimated number of students/community members that will be impacted by this project:  *

School/Workplace Information

School/Workplace Name:  *

School/Workplace Mailing Address:  *

City: *   Zip Code:*   County: *

Telephone Number:  *

School District (if applicable):   

Primary Project Coordinator Contact Information

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Home Street  Address: 

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Secondary Project Coordinator Contact Information (if applicable)

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Telephone Number:      Email Address: 

Narrative Section

1a. Environmental issue - On which of the following environmental issues will you be working? (Please indicate Yes or No for each.)

   Please select the primary environmental issue(s):

Prevention or reduction of pollution in the air *
Prevention or reduction of pollution on the land *
Prevention or reduction of pollution in the water *

  Please select all secondary issues that apply:

Waste Reduction *
Recycling *
Restoration, preservation, or enhancement of natural areas *
Water efficiency *
Energy efficiency *

1b. Environmental benefits - Briefly describe the expected short term and long term environmental benefits.

2. List the goals of the project.

3. Description of the project - tell us how the project will be carried out. (Who does what?)

4. What will you do to ensure that the students involved have learned from this experience?

5. Describe the outreach plan for this project. Whom will you target (e.g. students, parents, community members) and how will you reach them?

6a. Budget - tell us how you plan to spend the Major Award of $2,500.

6b. What could you accomplish with a smaller Merit Award of $1,000?

7. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the project? (e.g. partners, volunteers, donations, etc.)

Prior to submitting the online form, please review the following information:

  • If this project is chosen to receive a Champions grant award, the funds must be used only for the project represented in this application.
  • If applicable, you have informed an administrator at your school that you are applying for a Champions grant award.
  • The name of the school administrator is:
  • All winners will be asked to submit a summary report about the project.
  • To be considered, your application must be complete.
  • The Champions selection committee reserves the right to change the number of awards offered as based on funding availability.
  • The Committee prefers to see Champions funds spent on project supplies and materials rather than on salaries or wages.
  • The information that you submit is subject to public release.

Please initial to confirm that you read and understand the information listed above.  *

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